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          ,Baoding,Hebei Province
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          • Name: Antioxidant Lknox 2365
          • NO.: 991-84-4
          • Added time: 2016-01-18
          • Views : 871

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          [Chemical Name]  2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-(4,6-bis(octylthio)-1,3,5-triazin-2-ylamino) phenol
          [Equivalent] Antioxidant 565

          [Molecular Formula] C33H56N4OS2
          [Molecular  Weight] 588.95
          [CAS No] 991-84-4
          Appearance: white to yellowish powder or granule
          Content: ≥99%
          Melting point: 91ºC-96 ºC
          Volatile matter (85 ºC): ≤0.5%
          Transmittance (in toluene 5%, 425nm): ≥90.0%
          Transmittance (in toluene 5%, 500nm): ≥95.0%

          [Annual Output] 200MT

          [Product Standard] Q/HX10431.77-2016
          1 Highly effective to prevent gel formation and discoloration in unsaturated elastomers, even at reduced concentrations vs conventional antioxidants
          2 Non-staining, non-discoloring
          3 Low volatility

          Keep container closed and avoid direct sunshine.
          [Packing] Net 30kg/carton box, 25kg/carton box, 500kgs/big bag or according to customers' requirement

          [Application] Lknox 2365 is a multifunctional and effective antioxidant for unsaturated elastomers such as BR, IR, SBR, and styrenic block copolymers such as SIS and SBS. It is also used in hot melt adhesives, tackifier resins, ABS, EPDM etc.

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