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          Baoding Lucky Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing company of fine chemicals and is a part of China Lucky Film Corporation (now part of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation). Based on 50 years’experiences in Chemical Industry, our main activities are involved in developing, manufacturing and supplying light stabilizer and antioxidant to polymer industry. We also produce anti-static agent, anti-finger print agent, pH indicator, chemical intermediates, functional dyes, photograph chemicals to meet specific needs of customers.

          GM’s Speech

          All of our polymer additives and custom chemicals are manufactured with same philosophy: to provide cost effective product and help your business. We always pay great attention to customer requirements ....


          We have experienced engineers and equipments of HPLC, GC,ultraviolet spectrophotometers, melting point instrument, high-speed moisture tellers, NMR(400MHz), ICP, GC-MS etc to ensure

          Scientific Research Innovation

          UV Stabilizer Lksorb UV-1084 (Nickel Quencher)
          UV Stabilizer Lksorb C8481 (Blends of UV-1084 and UV-531 at 2:1 ratio)
          UV Stabilizer Lksorb UV-646 ( Countertype UV 3346)
          UV Stabilizer Lksorb UV-829 ( Countertype UV 3529)