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          Contact Us

          Address:No.6,Lekai South Street

          ,Baoding,Hebei Province
          P C:071054


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          Baoding Lucky Chemical Limited Company is a professional manufacturer of fine chemicals, and it is a subsidiary company of China Lucky Group Corporation, which belongs to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

          Based on fifty years' experience in Chemical Industry, our main activities are involved in developing, manufacturing and supplying light stabilizer and antioxidant to plastic industry. We also produce anti-static agent, anti-finger print agent, PH indicator, chemical intermediates, functional dyes, photograph chemcials to meet specific needs of customers.

          In recent decades, Lucky Chemical is dedicated to provide customer with high performance light stabilizer and antioxidant in polymer industry. With strong technology strength and reliable quality, we have established good business relationship with customers from Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and North America, etc.

          We have several specialized production lines, and quality department is equipped with large testing instruments to ensure product quality, such as 400MHz NMR, TGA, FIR, ICP, HPLC, GC, UV-VIS etc. And we have also implemented ISO9001 and ISO14001 in our production system.

          At Lucky Chemical, decisions are based on what's best for customers. All of our polymer additives and customized chemicals are manufactured with the same philosophy: to provide cost effective product and help our customers.